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Acupuncture & Chinese medicine 

Acupuncture has been in documented use for over 2,000 years to manage a wide variety of health conditions affecting humans beings and is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In Australia, Registered Acupuncturists are now recognised as one of many Allied Health Professions.  

Acupuncture and TCM is holistic, natural medicine which can help people with:

Muscle, spine, joint and soft tissue pain and dysfunction, including:

- Neck and shoulder pain and tension,
- Lower back pain & sciatic pain,
- Hip and glutes,
- Knees, wrists, ankles,
- Arthritis, etc..


Nausea and morning sickness, breech presentation, heartburn, labour induction preparation, aches and pains, pre-birth support, recurrent miscarriage and more.

IVF, ART & Fertility

IVF and natural fertility support and pre-conception care.

Emotional Wellbeing

Stress relief, anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD.


IBS, GORD/GERD, bloating, cramping/abdominal pain and dysfunction.

Energy & Immunity

Fatigue, symptoms of auto-immune disease.


Colds, 'Flu and Respiratory complaints

Asthma, COPD, recurrent colds and flu, coughing, low immunity, sinus, tonsillitis, hay fever and allergies.

Cancer care

Helping with the symptoms and side-effects such as nausea, pain, insomnia, fatigue and other Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy side-effects.

As well as Acupuncture, as a Registered TCM Practitioner, I am trained  and experienced in using these treatment methods:

  • Tuina (Traditional Chinese Remedial Massage).

  • Cupping (myo-fascial decompression and detoxification).

  • Guasha (myofascial release and vascular decongestion).

  • Moxibustion (herbal heat therapy - immune and energy enhancing).

  • Chinese herbal medicine.

  • Diet and lifestyle advice.

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